Updates tonight at midnight…

Bloodless finally launches!

…will not launch Tuesday;)

The Unseen… The Secret Knots should be seen though:)

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…sorry it didn’t update more. :P

Part thriller, part mystery, all character study Nathan Sorry is a long form webcomic for those who like slow burn storytelling. The atmosphere is a nice blend of small town nastiness with a dash sentimentality where you’ll find all sorts of eccentric personalities. Good stuff!

Chapter four is up! The only trouble with the Meek is that updates were pretty irregular. This is seemingly no longer the case. So read it and love it!

…tomorrow a king. That sentiment sums up my state of mind at present. Life presents its challenges, but as the Little Red Mug says “We shall prevail!” Once we do, it will be nice to change out of these tattered rags into regal garments:)

As for that webcomic I keep chattering about, important decisions will be made tomorrow and then I hope the watchword will be… soon!

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I’d been procrastinating from Jason Brubaker’s reMIND from some time now. Why? Who knows, maybe because procrastinating is the chosen art of my generation. That said, I found myself with a few free hours the other night and I dove in…

Wow! What a smashing webcomic! It seems that the internet has an obsession with cats and since the leads in reMIND are a girl and her cat, I wasn’t expecting much. I certainly wasn’t expecting a Lizard Men, but that’s what I got and loved every second of it!

The art is beautifully off-colored and completely suited for the odd little adventure that ends all too quickly. Luckily, Volume Two is on the way:)

A webcomic so good, it hurts!

Webcomic cometh…